Mae govannen!

My name is Rachel VanderWoude, and I am a huge Tolkien nerd. My good friend Benita Prins (who is also a huge Tolkien nerd) and I decided to look for a free Christian magazine about all things Tolkien. We couldn’t find one anywhere, so instead we decided to create our own!

We call it The Ivy Bush after the most popular inn in the Shire where all the Hobbits’ information and gossip about Middle-earth was located. We try to appeal to all aspects of Tolkien fans (we’re pretty strict purists, but enjoy the films quite well too), so there’s movie nerdiness, book nerdiness, serious articles, fun games, easy and difficult trivia, jokes, memes, etc., all related to Tolkien.

We’ve been publishing monthly issues since August 2012 to good friends and family, and though our subscriber list has been slowly growing we felt it was time The Ivy Bush got a little more recognition. Due to a lack of contribution we’ve recently had to cut back to one issue every two months, but if interest picks up again we will gladly go back to sending the magazine out monthly.

There is only one rule we have about The Ivy Bush: if you are going to receive it you must be interested in Tolkien – whether mildly curious or a rabid fan!


Namárië, mellyn; hope to see your names on the subscriber list!

Rachel VanderWoude (Legolas Greenleaf) and Benita Prins (Arwen Evenstar)