Mae govannen!

Benita Prins and Rachel VanderWoude are huge Tolkien nerds. In 2012, they hatched the idea to create their own free magazine about all things Tolkien as a conglomerate of all their geekery which could be shared with others like themselves.

The magazine is called The Ivy Bush after the most popular inn in the Shire where all the hobbits’ information and gossip about Middle-earth could be found. The magazine is designed to appeal to all Tolkien fans (we’re pretty strict purists, but enjoy the films quite well too), so there’s book nerdiness, movie nerdiness, serious articles, fun games, easy and difficult trivia, jokes, memes, etc., all related to Tolkien. There is only one rule about The Ivy Bush: if you are going to read it you must be interested in Tolkien – whether mildly curious or a rabid fan!

The magazine was published monthly from August 2012 until June 2015. Due to a lack of contribution, The Ivy Bush was then cut back to one issue every two months. It continued publishing on this schedule until December 2018.

Namárië, mellyn*; hope you enjoy!

Rachel VanderWoude (Legolas Greenleaf) and Benita Prins (Arwen Evenstar)


*We realise that this is an unforgivable mixture of Quenya and Sindarin, but we hope that in a spirit of camaraderie you will kindly overlook it. If that is impossible, we apologise profusely.