Submission Guidelines

We love all forms of contributions but we do have a few guidelines.

  • We double-check all the things that go into the magazine to be sure that the information is reliable – Tolkien geeks take Tolkien seriously.
  • This being a family friendly magazine, we make it our priority to AVOID language and dirty jokes, so if there are any Orcs that wish to skulk about or contribute they must keep their mouths shut unless they have something nice to say.
  • Rachel and I are both Christian and thus we won’t accept anything that is anti-Christian in tone or content. We also do not accept anything which is anti-any-other-religion in any way. TIB is for everyone to enjoy without fear of offence.
  • Short stories should be no more than a page in length and are generally humorous. We do make exceptions to the humour rule, so please don’t be deterred if your story doesn’t fit that description.
  • Our longest published poem is 68 lines long. Poetry submissions should not be much longer than this. Again, we may make exceptions.
  • Since we provide TIB for free, we can’t pay our contributors.

Please send submissions through Green Submissions, or email your work directly to