Two Geeky Friends

Benita J. Prins

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Benita is one of those people who, if she’s following a stranger down the street and hears them talking about LOTR, will instantly become their friend. She’s an oversize Bilbo: by nature she’s an introverted hobbit, but she always chooses Rivendell as her home on LOTR quizzes. Happily for her, the north-eastern Ontarian landscape is somewhat similar to Rivendell’s, making it the ideal place to attend college. Benita often prowls in forests and quiet places, enjoying the peace and quiet and talking to herself. She loves dressing up for Tolkien-themed parties, Renaissance festivals, and anything else that could possibly merit a costume. Benita has written two fantasy novels and a book of Tolkien trivia ranging from easy-peasy to simply devilish. Her greatest bragging right: she’s had two articles published on She blogs at Benita J. Prins.

Rachel VanderWoude

received_1380443488649473Rachel likes to think of herself as an Elf caught in the wrong world. She could easily live in a forest and enjoys climbing trees on windy days. She can speak Quenya and a smattering of Sindarin, and enjoys writing in all of Tolkien’s alphabets. Besides The Ivy Bush, her outlets for LOTR love include writing music to Tolkien’s poems, memorising sections of the books, attempting to draw characters, pulling all night movie marathons, going to Comic Cons dressed up as Legolas, skulking around, and of course reading and re-reading (and re-re-reading)¬†everything that Tolkien ever wrote! Rachel has also made a personal, 4-hour long fan film of The Fellowship of the Ring using a camcorder, locations around her house, and a bunch of more or less willing friends. She recently spent half a year living in New Zealand, studying and chasing down LOTR film locations!